Equivalent temperature based comfort zone study under task/ambient conditioning system


To study thermal comfort under task/ambient conditioning (TAC) system, equivalent temperature (EQT) index was used to evaluate local and overall thermal sensation under non-uniform thermal environment. From the “human subject test in a mockup office”, local thermal sensations and equivalent temperatures under different stimulated conditions were collected. It is found that thermal sensation and equivalent temperature have a good linear relationship. EQT comfort zone of the TAC in non-uniform environment was drawn through the fitting method. The findings are of significance on the design and operation of TAC system.

The 14th International Conference of Indoor Air Quality and Climate
Quan Jin
Quan Jin
Senior researcher

Quan Jin is Senior Researcher in the research group Sustainable Building at the Division of Building Technology, and in the Area of advance Energy. She conducts research on indoor environmental quality from multiple disciplinary perspectives, and their impact on building energy efficiency and occupant health and comfort. The goal is to create tools and knowledge to improve human well-being and productivity in sustainable buildings while minimizing the energy consumption.