Advances in LCA course

Three Sustainable Building research group PhD students attended the Advances in LCA course which was held in collaboration between Chalmers and SLU in Uppsala, discussing the cutting edge research and debates in the field of life cycle assessment.

Built-LCA Hackathon

The Built-LCA Hackathon aims to explore the effective use of databases and develop a flexible communication system between Grasshopper and data sources of different resolutions. The primary challenge is to analyse the DeCarbonAIte Data workflow, which involves computing, storing, and presenting results, while incorporating databases into the process.

Rhino user meeting in Basel

On Friday 17th March, the Bombyx team has attended the Rhino user meeting organized by McNeel in collaboration with Herzog de Meuron – Bombyx is a design-integrated tool for real-time Life cycle assessment (LCA), which was created to facilitate the use of LCA during the early design stage of a building.

Second Nordic Build-LCA PhD forum hosted at Chalmers - Call for abstracts

We are now welcoming abstracts for the second Nordic Build-LCA PhD forum held at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg

Presentations at Sustainable Built Environment Conference in Berlin

The Research group Sustainable building was well represented at the Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) Conference in Berlin from September 20thto 23rd with four researchers. The conference with the theme “Built Environment within Planetary Boundaries” had a strong focus on technical sessions such as Life Cycle Assessment and Circularity but included also topics such as Urban Governance.

Docent promotion – Computational Sustainable Design

On Thursday, October 6th, Alexander Hollberg gave his presentation for “oavlönad docent”. This is the highest educational degree that can be archived in the Swedish system. His presentation computational sustainable design focused on three questions:

Future Research Leader

For the eighth time, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research has appointed the Research Leader of the Future, FFL-8. Alexander Hollberg, Assistant Professor in the research group, is one of the 16 selected researchers that receive a grant of 15 million SEK each over a five-year period.

1st Nordic Built Environment LCA PhD student forum

The first Nordic Built Environment LCA PhD student forum was successfully launched on May 9th and attracted 18 international PhD students working with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). On the first day, the PhD students presented their work in two parallel sessions, which included many very engaged discussions.

ARK415 - Design and performance optimization for buildings

The aim of the course is to deepen the skills in the use of advanced simulation tools for the integrated performance optimisation of an architectural design project. A design problem is provided in the form of a building case study each year. These are usually buildings for work and activities, such as offices and other places for work, where specific requirements like generality, flexibility, optimization systems for climate and energy can be formulated. The architectural design will be based on and driven by knowledge gained using simulation tools early in the design process.

Sustainable Bridges

This project aims at the full utilization of the benefits offered by stainless steel to have sustainable and “maintenance-free” road bridges which have competitive investment costs to that of their traditional carbon steel counterparts. It is believed that by the use of bridge girders with corrugated webs and stainless steel reinforcement and optimization of the material usage and production costs, a considerable reduction in the investment costs of a stainless-steel solution is attainable.