The Carbon Resource Energy and Adaption Toolbox Europe (CREATE), is a comprehensive modelling and data toolbox that can overcome problems such as - How, and at which costs can ambitious climate change mitigation goals be reached? How can urban planning be developed while simultaneously tackling climate change? How can the long-term economic and environmental performance of the building stock be optimized? How to plan electricity, gas, and thermal networks to suit future energy demand and the existing urban topology?

Licentiate presentation of Sanjay Somanath - Towards digitalising Urban Social Sustainability

Sanjay Somanath held his public presentation of his licentiate thesis on “Towards digitalisation of social sustainability: Digital tools for socially sustainable neighbourhood design” on the 3rd of June 2022. Thesis title : Towards digitalisation of social sustainability: Digital tools for socially sustainable neighbourhood design

Holistic life cycle performance optimization

The main goal of the project is to mainstream holistic life cycle performance optimisation in early design stages of buildings to save energy and greenhouse gas emissions. All performance optimisation will follow a life cycle perspective.

Architectural design variable assessment in multi-objective life cycle optimisation

This project aims to identify the important architectural design variables in early design stage for life cycle optimisation by interacting with stakeholders who have major influence in early design stage.

WELL Neighbourhood

This project is about developing digital tools to promote social sustainability in neighbourhood design

Digitalisation of social sustainability in neighbourhood design

Digital tools for performance-assessment are commonly used to shorten the feedback loop in testing designs for buildings and neighbourhoods. However, these tools do not extend to the social dimension in the same way as the economic and environmental dimensions. The aim of this project is to develop a theoretical understanding of social sustainability at the neighbourhood planning level and propose a model for the development of digital tools.