Digital tools

Built-LCA Hackathon

The Built-LCA Hackathon aims to explore the effective use of databases and develop a flexible communication system between Grasshopper and data sources of different resolutions. The primary challenge is to analyse the DeCarbonAIte Data workflow, which involves computing, storing, and presenting results, while incorporating databases into the process.

Urban data visualisation using mixed reality

The Twinable project by the Chalmers University of Technology uses mixed reality to project urban data onto a 3D model of Gothenburg created by Universeum Vislab, providing interactive visualisations that offer a new perspective on the city.

Rhino user meeting in Basel

On Friday 17th March, the Bombyx team has attended the Rhino user meeting organized by McNeel in collaboration with Herzog de Meuron – Bombyx is a design-integrated tool for real-time Life cycle assessment (LCA), which was created to facilitate the use of LCA during the early design stage of a building.