Identification of everyday food-related activities with potential for direct and indirect energy savings :


This exploratory study analyses the daily activities of the end-user in terms of assessing the potential for conserving direct and indirect energy. In the course of the study, a socio-technological system approach was applied, which made it possible to combine the methods of analysis and interaction of the social group (students) and technical infrastructure (living laboratory). The method of creating personas was also applied to segregate a large group of the population within one segment. This approach allowed us to consider in more detail the different types of behavior in the same segment. As a result, we got more personalized strategies for changing a behavior tailored for each individual persona. In conclusion, a recommendation was given on which policies implications and to which organizations to address.

Energy Policy
Elena Malakhatka
Elena Malakhatka
Postdoctoral researcher

My research interests include User Research, Applied behaviour science to the built environment and Human-Building Interaction (HBI)