Urban data visualisation using mixed reality

The Twinable project by the Chalmers University of Technology uses mixed reality to project urban data onto a 3D model of Gothenburg created by Universeum Vislab, providing interactive visualisations that offer a new perspective on the city. Through Twinable, researchers at Chalmers University have created interactive visualisations that allow users to explore various urban data sets in an engaging and informative way. Using mixed reality technology, users can now see urban data come to life, providing a whole new perspective on the city. Twinable has applications in urban planning and transportation and offers an exciting new way to explore Gothenburg.

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VisLab at Universeum : Vislab | Universeum

More on the Twinable milestone project : Twinable – Digital Twin Cities Centre

Alexander Hollberg
Alexander Hollberg
Assistant Professor

Alexander Hollberg is Assistant Professor in the Division of Building Technology, at Chalmers.

Sanjay Somanath
Sanjay Somanath
PhD Student

Sanjay Somanath is a PhD student in the Department of Architecture and Civil engineering. The focus of his research is Social sustainability in neighbourhoods, specialising in computational design methods and GIS.