PhD Round table on public participation at the ENHANCE summit

Participation at Enhance summit

Sanjay Somanath, PhD student at the Sustainable Buildings Research group participated in the parallel session on public participation in urban planning at the ENHANCE alliance summit hosted by Gdansk University of Technology. Keynote speakers included Rohit Sen, Head of Sustainable Energy at ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, World Secretariat in Bonn, and Frank Moulaert, an eminent scholar in Social Innovation, Territorial Development and Regional Innovation Systems.

The session on participatory planning was chaired by Lina Naoroz Bråten, a PhD student of Urban Planning at NTNU. The session was structured as a round table discussion facilitated by PhD students from different ENHANCE universities on each table. The participants discussed topics of inclusion, justice, trust and the role of digital tools in participatory urban planning. The participants included over 20 researchers, planners, architects and students that lead to an engaging discussion on public participation.

Sanjay facilitated the discussion on the role of digital tools in participatory urban planning.

“The promise of digitalisation in public participation is to make it more accessible, inclusive, and above all, empower citizens. At the same time, it is important to remember that, digital tools are a means to an end and not the ultimate solution”

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Sanjay Somanath
Sanjay Somanath
PhD Student

Sanjay Somanath is a PhD student in the Department of Architecture and Civil engineering. The focus of his research is Social sustainability in neighbourhoods, specialising in computational design methods and GIS.